Hi Everyone,

A quick guide for being able to connect to the Free Company's Mumble server. First requirement for any way is that you need to download Mumble or as an application for your phone if you happen to be playing PS3/PS4. This is the software used for voice communications. Afterwards there are a few ways to connect to the server:

1. Connecting through the web site

All you would need to do is click on the Mumble link listed on the mumble widget. This link should automatically start Mumble (if you've downloaded it already) and ask to log in to the server. It may ask you for your username when you first attempt to connect if you are a Guest, however, if you have used your Guildwork account to log into the OCD page, it will connect you as your Guildwork Name.

2. Connecting through the Mumble application

For this method, you would need to do is know the mumble server address and port. You can then use whatever username you wish to connect with. Below is the mumble server information:

Address: mumble-east1.guildwork.com
Port: 52022

If you are a Guest, you would be able to choose whatever username you want. However, if you wanted to log in using your Guildwork account, you would put the email address you used for Guildwork in as the username. When you first attempt to login to the server, it will give an error message of bad password and a text box asking for the password. In that field, you would put in the Guildwork password. Then it should log you in under your Guildwork account. (NOTE: If using the Guildwork account, you will need to log in at least once using the link on the website to sync your account.)


1. Be respectful of everyone who joins. Joking around with people is fine, but we will not tolerate any racism or harassment of any players inside or outside the FC. This goes for everyone's interaction with each other, not just the mumble server.

2. If people are trying to raid/dungeon and need concentration for it, they should be going to one of the channels specifically assigned for that. In those rooms, the expectation should be that they are there to complete the objective. Anyone who joins that room and is not part of the raid should be respectful of the group in there. If you are asked to remain quiet or leave the channel, you should do so. Any violations of this should be brought to any Consigliere within the FC to be addressed.

3. The server is currently open to everyone, including the public. You can invite your friends to log on and chat as well. However, this does not give them the freedom to abuse this right and use the server for means other than hanging out with anyone for the FC and play other games. We have an access limit of 25 people to the server.