[FC Recruitment] Of Criminal Design <OCD>


A close knit group of friendly, active players with a varying degree of experience in PvP, raiding, crafting, gathering. We've got our own Mumble server, multiple airships & a cute little house in the Lavender Beds (Plot 39, Ward 5). Our main goal as an FC is to have fun, laugh, and enjoy our time spent in game.


For the most part, OCD is active in all the game has to offer. Dungeons, raids, Frontlines, old content runs and challenges such as 2 man Coil or pony farms. While we do not have any active role players, you're welcome to bring those adventures with you as well.

The FC itself is Twin Adder oriented, but a majority of our active PvPers are loyal to the Immortal Flames. (For the Sultana!)

In addition to our day to day adventures, we like to organize seasonal events and other fun activities such as fun runs, costume contests, hide and seek teams, and group activities outside of the game like streaming movies or playing Cards Against Humanity online.


Players without a sense of humor need not apply. Otherwise:

High Priority - Master & High Level crafters! We'd love to have high level crafters join us and contribute to our airship fleet and other group projects. We have several max level gatherers willing to assist in farming materials to help you meet your crafting needs as well.

Mid Priority - End-game players. Our leaders have experience clearing up to AS2 and are always willing to share tips in rotations and strategy.

Always Accepting - New and returning players of all kinds. We are incredibly friendly and helpful to our newbies, keeping the leveling buff active at all times and organizing group efforts to get clears for players looking to progress through the Main Story.

On a different server and interested? Feel free to make an alt on our server and join us to get a feel for our family. Note: Lamia is growing in population, so character creation may be limited. We recommend character creation in early mornings or directly following server maintenance to ensure your spot on the best server on our data center.

Questions? Interested? Send a /tell to any of the following members.

FC Leader: Sanjah Moshroca

Officers: Rikon Spir, Kadunesi Siyarnu, Alec Traylor, Aerryn Herondale, Bango Skaank, Jeef Bwaticus, Talena Lionrise.
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